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GME + Scoring AAA: Deathloop Edition

Get both Flagship Courses in Tom Salta's Masterclass Series and Save!

What you'll get:

  • 31 Lessons
  • Over 11 Hours of Video
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  • 2 Private Zoom Calls with Tom Salta and critiques of your work!
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What People Are Saying:

After watching this I knew this is what I want to do for life!‚ÄčTom was very funny and he really inspires you to keep it going! After watching this masterclass, I can really say "This is what I want to be"

Johansson Cisneros, Composer

Awesome series, Tom goes deep in explaining and illustrating the creative and tech process that goes into scoring a game. Will use this as a resource and refer back to it many times!

Catherine Capozzi

An awesome experience. The amount of detail Tom goes into on how he develops the music for this amazing game is mind-blowing. The insights to his process and creative decision making is stellar. It has actually given me the confidence to step into the game--no pun intended.

Pablo Wunderlich, Composer

FINALLY! A class that goes into extensive detail, not just about creating music for video games, but the BUSINESS side of game composing as well! Tom makes his course fun and engaging, bringing lots of energy and personal experience to the table. At the end of the course, you get the opportunity to schedule a 10-minute chat with him to ask questions and have him review your own composition. Do yourself a favor and invest in this class - you won't be disappointed!

Amanda Charleston, Composer

Tom's classes are packed with the real knowledge you're looking for when it comes to video game music. He cuts no corners and hides no secrets in his videos, showing every detail from all his behind the scenes. The fact that Tom is out there constantly working in major projects also means that what you get from his classes are actual practical examples of what you see when working in the industry. It feels like having an open book of something that would otherwise take years of experience, so I highly recommend it!

Eduardo Zolhof